Finding location for brightest Iridium flare

Nick Budd (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 19:50:49 +0100

One or two on this list have discussed how to find the location
for the brighest flare of a particular Iridium pass, and have found
that, in fact, just a few miles can make a large difference in magnitude.
The idea is to enter different lat/longs into the programs and 
check the results. This is, of course, rather long-winded.
I just wonder if the problem could be tackled by the existing authors
(congrats to Rob Matson and Randy John on great programs).
I really don't know what would be involved, but at the moment we enter,
amongst other things, lat/long coordinates and get a predicted mag
for each pass. Would it not be possible to enter a specific mag and
get a resulting lat/long? The next logical step to that would be a 
range of mags, say anything brighter than -3, and come out with a list
of coorinates that could be plotted on a surface map. I guess there might be
a problem with different altitudes in hilly terrain areas but to a first
approximation it would do the trick.
Appreciate any thoughts on the subject.