Iridium flares from the moon.

Floyd Weaver (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 02:12:07 -0400 (EDT)

   Is it possible to see flares from the moon? My guess is that under the
right conditions it should be naked eye visiblity, but I am no authority
on the subject. If anyone calculates possible sightings, send some my way.
I have seen my first predicted flare tonight at 22:45 UTC using Randy
John's program. I think I have seen two others just by chance. I
downloaded Rob Matson iridflar program and got it running tonight. I have
set up a number of config files and batch files to do some file copying 
before and after program execution so I end up with "out" files for a few
different locations. I can compare the output to see which locale
would be the best for viewing. With an icon and batch file for each
location I do not have to rememeber or enter the lat and long for each
locale. Rob, I have a tip for you that will save more keystrokes, save
the tle file name path in the config file. Thanks for the programs Randy
and Rob.

Floyd Weaver
3 miles north of Lebanon Pa.
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