Telescope Satellite Observations

Jeff Hunt (
Sat, 18 Oct 97 20:05:00

Hello All,

Thanks to Gordon Garradd, I've added a photo and description to the vsohp 
telescope.html page that show the Cassini and Titan IV Centaur booster (in a 
diffuse cloud) leaving Earth orbit at distance of approximately 26000km over 

Gordon writes in part:

<I didn't have any prior knowledge of the visibility of the 
<Cassini mission from Australia, but did get a few phone 
<calls about a mag 1 comet near Jupiter! After having  
<a look for myself, by which time it had faded to mag 4, I decided
<it had to be Cassini, which I knew had been launched not long 
<beforehand. I took a couple of telephoto lens photos on a tripod,
<then rushed up to my telescope to get this photo. 

The update presently resides on the directory and will 
update to the directory in 1-2 hours.

Launch took place on Oct 15 at 08:43 UT.  The photo was taken on Oct 15 at 
11:02 UT.

Jeff Hunt <>