93-56B/#22788, U?? 2 Rk

Jay Respler (jrespler@injersey.com)
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 03:44:35 -0400 (EDT)

>So, is #22788/93-56B called UHF 2 Rk or UFO 2 Rk or what...?

>From the official Sat Sit Rept:

1993-056 B 930903  26.5619  223.8  27.0  11435    232 ATLAS 1 CENTAUR R/B(1)

1993-056  A 930903 0.3130  1436.0   3.8  35796  35775 UFO 2 (USA 95)

>If the formal flash reports weren't such a royal pain the ###, 
>-- if only the data would fit into the @&#%&$#&@ PPAS format!  And if 
>only it weren't such a royal pain in the ### to do those 
>@$#@%@#$ reports....  It takes me 30 minutes to *try* to do 2 
>of them correctly.  Sheesh!

I don't find them that much trouble since I set up this format as a Word
Perfect file.  I just call up this sample file and fill in the new info in the
spaces under the headings.

PPAS format:
object   obs.date Time UT     pass-lgth        Pd     Remarks-to-col-80
yy-nnncc yy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.t JHR sss.t s.t #pd ss.tht
89-  5 A 95-01-02 02:41         accuracy^^    col^50      <---Sample line
                                            <--Line to fill in with new info.

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