Re: 93-56B/#22788, U?? 2 Rk

Leo Barhorst (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 20:59:57 +0200

Ed Cannon wrote:
> So, is #22788/93-56B called UHF 2 Rk or UFO 2 Rk or what...?

Both names are correct, UFO = UHF Follow On satellite.
The first UHF failed to reach the proper orbit as the Atlas-1 first stage
didn't work properly. Centaur 2nd stage burned till depletion but left UHF 2 in
an orbit with a 5500 km lower perigee as planned. Satellite's own propulsion
system was used to raise the orbit, but this costs to much fuel and the sat
was written off. (Info WSL-93, P.Clark) 

> flash reports are in process
> due to Mike getting and/or helping me to get data -- if only
> the data would fit into the @&#%&$#&@ PPAS format!  And if
> only it weren't such a royal pain in the ### to do those
> @$#@%@#$ reports....  It takes me 30 minutes to *try* to do 2
> of them correctly.  Sheesh!

Try using PPASINP2. I can fill in about 2 obs per minute.

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