flare "central lines"

Joe Dellinger (jdellinger@amoco.com)
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 20:19:31 -0500

	According to Matson's numbers (which he very kindly ran for me, since
I don't have ready access to a DOS machine), Tulsa Oklahoma has a good "flare"
opportunity coming up:

15 10-21-97 20:20:22.0 141.3 45.8 22h42  -0.9  1040.5 D Lit -21.0  4.92 0.56
15 10-21-97 20:20:41.6 147.1 40.8 22h37  -7.3  1120.1 D Lit -21.1  0.32 0.47
15 10-21-97 20:21: 5.0 152.0 35.4 22h32 -13.8  1228.5 D Lit -21.2  4.80 0.38

	Still, .32 is not 0. It seems to me that since these satellites aren't
that high up, and the angles we're talking about are rather small, it should
be possible to "improve" this flare opportunity to a perfect 0 degrees with
a reasonably short drive in the appropriate direction to position myself on
the "central line". That sounds like a fun thing to do (if I knew what
direction to drive in). Has anyone attempted doing this? Has anyone tried
plotting Iridium "flare tracks" on a map?

	If the orbits are very stable, which I assume they are, then perhaps
a map of good flare tracks would be a good article for a future issue of S+T...