Titan IV launch scrubbed again

Sat, 11 Oct 97 20:44:43 PDT

Saturday, October 11, 1997

>From Florida Online Today:

The launch of an Air Force Titan 4A rocket from Space Launch Complex-4
East at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. was scrubbed tonight in
dramatic fashion as upper level winds played cat and mouse with launch
officials.  The countdown was resumed at T-minus 6 minutes and counting,
but an "emergency hold" was called for the T-minus 90 second mark.  Then
controllers announced a go condition was being seen on upper level
winds.  Moments later "terminate, terminate" was forcefully called
across the communications network followed by words that the launch
window had expired.  No new launch date has been set.

Craig Cholar

P.S. The launch was originally scheduled for 7:32 PDT, but was delayed
an hour to 8:32 because of the winds.