Hopeful MMA observer

Alan Rohwer (arohwer@ultranet.com)
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 22:34:13 -0400

I am the lead mechanical engineer for the Iridium Main Mission
Antennas(MMA's) at Raytheon Company. I have also been an amateur
astronomer since before Sputnik. I was a member of a Moonwatch Team and
Sputnik 2 was the first satellite I saw.
	With my interest in astronomy, I know my way around the night sky and
still enjoy "special events" - comets, satellite transits, etc. I am a
visual observer who prefers viewing with my own un-aided
photo-receptors. I would very much like to see the Iridium flares
	I carry a photo of the MMA's in my wallet, next to the photos of my
wife and children, ever since I told the ladies in our factory that the
MMA's were "my babies". That same photo is linked off the "Iridium
flares" Web-message.
	I drive a car with a bumper sticker which reads: "I would rather see
starlight than streetlights." I am sorry that the MMA's flares may cause
distress to optical astronomers.
	I will be glad to share the details of the MMA's which I can without
losing my job.

Alan Rohwer
Boxborough, MA, USA
42.476 deg W
71.498 deg N
elev: 95m