Vandenberg Launch Still On

Brian Webb (
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 17:14:31 -0400

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                                             1997 October 11 (Saturday) 21:30 PDT

                        Vandenberg Launch Still on Schedule
As of 13:15 PDT today, the planned launch of a Titan IV booster from Vandenberg
AFB is still on schedule. The missile and its spy satellite payload are sched-
uled to leave SLC-4 East tonight at 19:32 PDT*. As of 13:15 PDT there is only a
20% probability of launch cancellation due to weather.

The Titan IV stands about 200 feet tall, weighs 1.95 million pounds, and gener-
ates 3.5 million pounds of thrust at launch. Since this is a night launch, the
event should be visible for hundreds of miles.

If you're planning on photographing the launch from outside of the immediate
vicinity of Vandenberg, my suggestion is to use a color film with an ASA of at
least 800 and a 50mm lens. Use exposures of between 1/15th of a second to 10
seconds at f/1.8. As far as films go, my preferences are Fujicolor 800 and 1600
color print film.

* A 19:32 PDT launch time translates to 02:32 UTC on October 12th.