Re: How to calculate an IRIDIUM flare.

Leigh Palmer (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 11:00:31 -0700

>So the rest is just the manipulation of vectors which is fairly ordinary
>mathematics (OK, it's a little advanced).

Two questions remain:

Have you an explanation that a mathematically sophisticated person might
understand? If so, could you make it available in .pdf or some other form
that doesn't look like Fortran? I think you've been terribly clever to
figure this out, and I would like to be able to appreciate the cleverness.

My biggest question, however, is why are these Iridium flares so very
much brighter than flares we all see occasionally on satellites with
large solar panels? Are these antennae much larger than most solar panels?
Are they much more highly reflective than most solar panels?