Update on status of miniature Sputnik

Fri, 10 Oct 97 09:50:07 PDT

According to Chris v.d. Berg's MIRnews page, the miniature Sputnik has
not been released yet, and won't be for at least several weeks.

Dated 9 October
> For a while an external EVA was scheduled for 10/16, but this plan was
> cancelled.  The first EVA (in fact an IVA) will take place inside the
> module Spektr and will be made on 10/20 at 0900 UT.  Depending on the
> results of that IVA the Russians will determine date and working method
> for the following EVA.  During that EVA the cosmonauts will 'jettison'
>the miniature Sputnik, recently delivered by Progress-M36.

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 Craig Cholar