Re: Titan IV launch update

Fri, 10 Oct 97 05:40:37 PDT

I said the story of the Titan launch being scrubbed was at:

To which Bjoern Gimle <> replied:

> The URL appears to be:
> What has happened?
> Some members said they would watch the launch!
> Florida Today says you could see the launch on satellite TV.

As usual with Florida Today, the URL changed within a few hours.
They have very quick turnover of headline stories.  In any case, the
new URL (as of this minute) for the scrub story is:   (text only)   (graphics)

In the hours since the scrub, the launch has officially been
rescheduled for Friday, 10/10, between 1700 - 2100 PDT,
(Saturday 10/11 0000-0400 UT).

I drove to my launch observing site just a few minutes north of
town, but 160 miles (257 km) north of Vandenberg, this time with
my family along for the ride.  I had also alerted our local TV
meteorologist, and he mentioned the launch to his viewers.
Of course, because alot of people were looking for it, it was
a no-go.  Murhpy wins again.

 Craig Cholar