Titan IV, Shuttle Obs, Weather

Brian Webb (102670.1206@compuserve.com)
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 01:11:17 -0400

Here are three items of possible interest:

1. According to the Vandenberg Launch Update Line tape recorded message
(telephone 805-734-8232 extension 61857), the Titan IV launch is scheduled
for Thursday night, October 9th, between 17:00 and 21:00 PDT*. Sunset at
Vandenberg AFB on that date is approximately 18:25 PDT. If this missile
goes at sunset or within an hour afterwards, it should be truly spectacular
due to the lighting geometry (if you are within 500 km of Vandenberg it will
be spectacular).

*This translates to a launch time on 1997 OCT 10 (UTC date) between 01:00
and 04:00 UTC.

2. In an earlier message I reported an 87.9 degree pass during evening twilight
on October 3rd at 02:25:40 UTC of either the Mir or Shuttle. This bright,
bluish-green object has been identified as the Space Shuttle. I took a 60
second exposure with a 50 mm lens at f/1.6 using Fujicolor 400 film..
...I hope the photo comes out; this will be my first Shuttle image. I estimate the
brightness to have been about magnitude -2 with little variation in brightness
during the pass.


3. If you're interested in obtaining accurate, detailed weather forecasts for
planning observing sessions, you might want to view the newest addition to
my web pages. It describes aviation weather forecasts, how to obtain them
via Internet, and how to read them. 

To access this page, go to:


Then go to the Weather section and double-click on "TAFs: A Primer".

This page is still under construction, but it's almost done and is quite



Brian Webb