Re: Decay of Progress M-36 Soyuz r (#25003)

J.C. Millot (
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 09:53:14 +1100

Hi SeeSat'ers

This is Jean-Christophe from New Caledonia (blessed for decays ??)

Alan Pickup said
> The Soyuz rocket which lofted Progress M-36 appears to be heading for
> decay at about October 7.75 according to my SatEvo evolution.

according to the elset you gave, It seems to me that we will have a low
passage of M-36 in the South West just 15 minutes before your decay
estimation. Can you confirm this. My Stsplus program do not like your 3
last elset (it makes and error and goes off to Dos). I used programs from
Alphonse Pouplier to find some predictions.

I also think that the Queensland coast will be well situated for it. New
Zealand also but they will be in very bright twilight. May be Norfolk
Island (situated just between New Caledonia and New Zealand) will get it

Anyway, weather permitting, I will try to watch if there anything visible.

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