Re: Shuttle undocking viewing opportunities

J.C. Millot (
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 07:59:01 +1100

Hi all,

This is Jean-Christophe from Noumea, New Caledonia

I will make a consistent preliminary report for the Lewis decay on the list
during this week-end 

Craig Cholar said:
> Here's some info about today's Shuttle/Mir undocking:
> Our observer in New Caledonia, Jean-Christophe Millot, will be able to
> witness the first terminator pass after the undocking.  His pass begins
> around 17:49 UT 3/Oct.  I've been in touch with him, and he already
> knew about the upcoming pass.
A quick report to say that
Yes I saw the Mir+Shuttle pass from 17:50 to 17:54 UT. I use 7x50 bino but
could only see one single spot. Magnitude was 0 on most of the path with a
-2 max when in azimuth 70 to 90 (did "conjunction" with the sun enhanced
the glint opportunity ?) ,then fading to mag 1 for another 20 degrees of
azimuth, then mag 2 for a while and then lost in low clouds on the south
east horizon. Magnitude is corrected from low elevation as I used stars of
similar altitude. More later on this week-end.

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