Re: Orbit and identity changes

Fri, 3 Oct 97 10:19:00 PDT

Russell Eberst wrote:
>  Faisat and Tsikada Rocket identities have been swapped; The object
>  making 13.806 revs/day has changed from 'the rocket' to 'Faisat'.
>  The object making 13.7905 revs/day was "Faisat" and is now "the rocket".
>  Any visual observation by seesaters of these objects, which might
>  confirm or deny the correctness of this exchange would be welcome.

I observed Faisat (Thursday Oct 2) using my telescope. Unfortunately, I
was basically killing time until an excellent overhead Mir/Shuttle pass, so
I didn't make detailed obs, and wouldn't have reported the pass except
for Russell's post. It did strike me that when I saw Faisat (or what I thought
was Faisat) Saturday evening, it appeared steady, but last night is looked
considerably dimmer, and appeared to be tumbling.  I thought that this
was odd, since both Saturday's pass and Thursday's were both reasonably
similiar (evening passes about halfway up in the west).

If the switch of the names occurred between Saturday and Thursday,
that might explain the difference in appearance.  Didn't someone here
mention that Faisat was having difficulties, and that visual obs were
needed to determine if it was tumbling?  An earlier report mentioned
that Faisat was steady, so I didn't bother to report Saturday's steady
pass.  Perhaps Faisat was tumbling after all, and myself and others
were looking at the wrong object.  I'll try to look at both again

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