Orbit and identity changes

Eberst (eberst@cableinet.co.uk)
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 18:01:38 +0100

Inspection of recent elements reveal a couple of changes:
1. The Indian IRS Satellite has begun to raise its perigee, from the
   original value of 308km. The latest element set available at time 
   of writing gives a figure of 342km. 
2. Faisat and Tsikada Rocket identities have been swapped; The object
   making 13.806 revs/day has changed from 'the rocket' to 'Faisat'.
   The object making 13.7905 revs/day was "Faisat" and is now "the rocket".
   Any visual observation by seesaters of these objects, which might
   confirm or deny the correctness of this exchange would be welcome.
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