Another Iridium 16 flare

Alexander Seidel (
Thu, 2 Oct 97 21:04 MET DST

Here is another report of a nice Iridium flare observed little more than an hour 
ago with much luck due to mainly overcast skies in this area. I try to report in 
a format which, I believe, is known to be the most recent generally accepted 
version ( I right with that assumption?):

NORAD __date__ __time__ D azI eI azM eM azS _eS Phs Dur Mag Obs COSPAR Ir
24841 19971002 17:57:29 S 149 59 084 76 277 -10       8  -2  AS 97 30F 16

N 53.5932   E 9.4683	6m ASL