Interesting Obs (UNID)

Ron Lee (
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 06:42:53

Saw another Rob Matson Morning flare of an iridium near

Last night while waiting for a Molniya rocket, I saw two,
yes two, UNID objects cross the field of view (FOV).

The first at about 02:47:54 UT, 2 Oct 97 was at about
RA 19.039, Dec +14.5.  The second was at 02:48:20 at
RA 19.011, Dec +14.5 (J2000).  Direction was almost due
north with perhaps a slight westward component.  It appears
that they were from the same launch.

Thet crossed the 1 degree FOV in perhaps a second, plus
or minus.   I just checked Mike McCants alldat file from
27 Sep 97 and found nothing.  I was waiting for #24963.

Any ideas?