Updated Consolidated Iridium Flare Report

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 06:53:54

Thanks to Jeff Hunt, the consolidated Iridium flare report
through 30 Sep 97 is available at the VSOHP site"


There are currently about 10 formats being used....all reports
were changed to the format I proscribed early on.   MOST phase
angles are in Skymap convention (satellite-observer-sun).

Not all data in included since I was getting odd passes, perhaps
from using the wrong elset as objects maneuvered.  Hopefully
this will be of benefit to the guys predicting flares.

I also have a Word 7.0 table of the info if people need to 
manipulate the data.  Email me privately and I will forward all the
data in a zipped file...or unzipped if you prefer.

As far as future reports, I suspect that we will soon have programs
that accurately predict flares, so that we will be able to change
the format.  Depending upon the thoughts of Rob Matson and Randy John,
I think we may be able to get rid of the sun az/el and replace it 
by PM/AM.   May also delete the phase angle. 

However, the student will note that as the sun's moves south, the 
phase angle and max el of passes is changing.  So perhaps it would
be beneficial to at least retain phase angle until the winter solstice
so we have almost a complete solstice to solstice set of data.

Ron Lee