Pegasus rocket launch (not done)

chris kalmar (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 22:46:49 -0600

Someone including my self were looking for this satellite.
Nasa covered it live but my videotape cut off just as a lock pin got stuck:

Orbital Sciences Corp Pegasus halted

DULLES, Va., Oct 30 (Reuter) - Orbital Sciences Corp said on Wednesday that
NASA's launch of the Pegasus XL was halted at 1241
EST when a locking pin on the rocket's rudder failed to properly disengage. 

The Pegasus XL, a scientific spacecraft, commenced the launch at 1149 EST,
when the L-1011 carrier aircraft took off from NASA's
Wallops Flight Facility, Orbital Sciences said. 

When the locking pin failed to work properly, the L-1011 aircraft safely
returned the Pegasus vehicle and the attached satellites to Wallops. 

Orbital stated that until this problem surfaced just prior to the scheduled
launch time, all Pegasus systems were performing as designed, the
company said. 

The exact date for a second launch attempt will be set once final analysis
of the problem is complete, but the delay will be at least several
days, Orbital said.