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Freddy de Guchteneire (
Thu, 29 Oct 1992 14:21:42 -0100

Freddy de Guchteneire ON6UG   or
Amsat member

Introduction :

I was impressed by what I have seen and heard at the Eurosom2 meeting in Gent a few weeks
ago. Thanks to all who made this meeting happen and to the lecturers.

My main interest is amateur radio satellites and microwaves but I am considering doing some
simple visual satellite observing related to my hobby interests.
I am working on the Amsat P3D satellite and build the VHF and UHF receivers the S-band
exciter and some antenna work for the satellite.  
I am also active on microwave amateur frequencies  up to 47 GHz and like building equipment
and antennas for these frequencies. Some years ago I constructed a high precision tracking system
( 0.1 degr.) that maybe can be used to spot satellites visually.
My profession is in electronics and I work at the University of Ghent department Nuclear
Chemistry Cyclotron.

For those of you who are interested in the reentry of the Amsat Oscar 13 satellite.
Oscar 13 is in an elliptic orbit with a current perigee height of 140 km. 
You can find useful keplerian data at the following site :

The file contains a series of keplerian sets to be used until the reentry. Prepared by James Miller
G3RUH who is one of the command stations of Amsat Oscar 13. He maintains the data base and
is particularly interested in receiving reports about Oscar 13.
All detailed telemetry and information about the satellite is available at the same site. 

With the launch of the Amsat Phase 3D satellite in the first half of 1997 
( to be launched with the Ariane 502 ) there is considerable interest in possible cooperation
between Amsat and visual satellite observers to exchange information about the orbit and other
aspects of the satellite. 

All information about the P3D ( 500 KG ) satellite can be found at the site.
Amsat maintains a mailserver ( amsat-bb )  FTP and www server .

I am avialable for any further information at the above email address.