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>> I feel totally enable to compile such a glossary.
>I can't remember now if I replied to your message already,
>but it was in my To-Do mailbox, so I'll assume that I did
>not.  Many thanks for volunteering to compile a glossary
>for the FAQ!  I think it will be very helpful, especially
>to those very new to satellite observing.
>--Sue (

Dear fellow,

It is well possible that I made a mistake in writing my
message, but, as far as I can remember, I wrote : 
" I feel totally unable" not "enable".
I am conscious that my English should be much improved
and  confused to be NOT capable of compiling such a 
The only thing I could do for the community is noting the 
terms that appear obscure to me in all the messages. 
That job requires a lot of humility that could be hard to wear. 
As an example: until recently I ignored what
could mean " tle " , a term that is used in different meanings,
as substantive, adjective, extension of files, while those things
are not actually standard two lines texts but three lines 
of variable contents.
Great scientists dare speak their own language. Nils Bohr, 
as everybody knows, spoke bohran, his own jargon that he was
the only one to understand.
As for satellite hobbyists, I wonder whether they are all
great scientists or only a few of them. 
I am still in two minds.

Most cordially  jm
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