Bright glint/flash from NOAA-11

Ian Porter (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 17:12:39 +1100

Observed 09:53:50 UT (+ - 5 sec) 28 Oct

Just after looking up from my notes and glancing at the northern sky I saw
what apeared to be a new bright star (mag 0-1 maybe more - much brighter
than Enif) I then noticed slow S-N motion and the "star"faded out of view
after 2-3 sec. Quickly wrote the time but didnt get the binos out....

A check using Ted Molczans latest file and skymap turned up Norad 19531 as
the only possible candidate for the dazzling show. Is this normal behaviour
for this object ?

Ian & Shari Porter
Rye, Victoria, Australia
144.8070E 38.3745S 5m AMSL