Leslie Jones (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 21:10:12 +0500

        To all see-saters:       

        (My sincere apologizes if this appears to to be long-winded.) 

        I would like to thank all those from around the world that spend
their waking hours in efforts to bring knowledge to those that lack! These
efforts do not go un-noticed. In particular, I would like thank Mr. Dave
Ransom for his superb program STSPlus. I cannot imagine the countless hours
involved in this work of art.

        I've been tracking sats for just over a year now and am just
becoming familiar with the vocabulary involved. I have derived much pleasure
in tracking sats over the past year. Although my children don't realize it
yet, they are a privileged few, as I am. We've witnessed many Mir sightings
and enjoy every one of them.
        I now have a mission to involve every person I can about satellite
tracking. Most people I talk to do not believe it's possible. That is, until
I run a prediction and then prove it to them. The sight of beautiful Mir in
a spectacular fly-by brings voices of awe and then profound silence as it
disappears in the night sky. Then a wonderment of how it's done! Questions
like,"how can a mere civilian be privy to such information", and then deep
discussions crop up regarding God, the Universe and what role we still have
to play in it. As you can see, and I'm sure, already understand, just
looking up into the night sky for a satellite brings on more questions than
can be answered. 

        As I grow in knowledge and become more familiar with this hobby, I
will pass on what information I can from my vantage point. I am, also, in
the process of developing a short column for our local newspaper, which I
hope, will be published on a regular basis, regarding Satellites and
Astronony in general. I would now like to ask permission to include some of
the information from seesat-l in this column. 

        In response to a post several days ago regarding the highly
technical jargan, I say to those who would abandon a fun and enlightening
hobby. Do not become discouraged and by all means, if you are really
interested in sat tracking, do not un-subscribe to seesat-l. There is much
to learn and maybe a little to teach. If you'll remember, just a few short
years ago only the most advanced computers in the world, held captive by a
very few people in Universities, in the Military and by the largest
Corporations could do this type of research. And now this research can be
done in the comfort of your family room. You may not get published but you
have the knowledge!

        Thanks again to all involved!

                                Leslie Jones     <>
                                Dog Walk, Ky. USA

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