Unknown Object

sbolton (sbolton@nbnet.nb.ca)
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 20:58:32 -0300

An amateur astronomer in Hawaii posted a note on sci.astro.amateur about an
object he saw. i could not match it to a satellite, and would like the
groups help.

Observers Location:    21 N
                       158 W
                       sea level
Time:  22:13  Hawaii Standard
Date:  October 22, 1996.

Report:   Observing Saturn with 12.5 " dobsonian telescope 17 mm eyepiece.
Object entered field moving west to east. tracked for 15 minutes with
magnitude varying from as bright as 5. Object moved approx 10 degrees in
that time. Faded as if going into shadow.

PS- I would estimate this object must have passed within 1 degree of Saturn.

                                                 Steve Bolton