Unid Oct 22

vince gardiner (vgardi@coffs.net.au)
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 11:28:50 +1000

I need help again with a flasher seen last night.
At 09:30 96-10-22 UT a flasher was seen from about Az 82 Alt 47 to
Az 60 Alt 43 (B Ceti to Saturn) and was moving very slowly. About 3
minutes to travel those 16 degrees. According to Guide 4.0 the angle of
travel was about 343 degrees.
The flashes started at mag 1 and gradually became fainter each time
until inv. I timed 22 periods for 8.06 secs.
My 8200 file does not produce a contender even though I extended the
height parameters to 100,000 Km with no constraint on lighting.
Nay help would be appreciated.
Vince Gardiner.
Coffs Harbour N.S.W. Australia
-30.35   +153.082