E-mail aliases

Kulbinder Kalirai (KulbinderK@pcdocs.com)
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 10:51:27 -0400

SeeSat-L users,

May I make a small request to everyone.

For my E-mail client program I use Microsoft Exchange client and it has
a feature called "Inbox Assistant" which I use to automatically route
messages from SeeSat-L into my SeeSat-L folder. It is a great feature
because that keeps my inbox clean and tidy, and I can just open my
SeeSat-L folder once or twice a day and browse the messages in there. 

However, the small problem is that not everyone uses the same E-mail
aliases for the SeeSat-L list server address. So I get some messages
automatically routed and other appear in my in-box. 

My proposal is that everyone use the same E-mail alias "SeeSat-L" as a

Currently I have rules for messages from
"SeeSat-L@iris01.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de", "SeeSat-L",
"Seesat-l@physics.oxford.ac.uk", "See Sat List", "SeeSat Exploder"  and

Would this help anyone else? Anyone have other ideas?