Re: too technical Was: Did Anyone See...

Jim Varney (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 09:53:28 -0700

>It seems a little high-brow to me.  I 
>find SeeSat-L too technical most of the time.  I keep intending to 
>unsubscribe but don't for the 5% interesting posts.  
>Jake in Burbank, Calif.

I know it's not fair to quote an unintended message but I couldn't
let this one go by.

I completely agree with you that some of the technical posts are
really hard for the newcomer to penetrate.  Even worse was one post
which seemed carry an underlying message of 'unless you know your
stuff don't bother me with questions.'  Not exactly a welcome mat
for new subscribers.

Last fall I advocated a SeeSat FAQ and developed the 
initial outline.  It's really turned into a good team effort -- 
there are a number of contributors writing different chapters.  
Sue Worden is doing a great job stringing it all together as 

The FAQ, unfortunately, isn't quite done yet (partly my fault,
haven't finished my chapter yet).  An incentive to staying
subscribed is that it's the only way to hear that the FAQ
is done :)

I hope you stick around.  I can't speak for anyone else,
but I like the occasional "we were at a star party last night
and we saw TiPS and it was really neat" posts.  It breaks up
the technical tedium and reminds us that we do sat watching
because it's enjoyable.

And, besides, being down there in Burbank, we need you to tell
us about some of those neat sunset launches outta Vandenberg!

 -- Jim

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