Re: Did Anyone See This Wonderful Unknown on 4 October?
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 22:52:18 -0400

Oh, am I embarrassed!  I thought I was sending a private e-mail to
Ed Cannon but in fact, due to my carelessness, sent my first post
to SeeSat-L.  Well, at least I didn't say anything too nasty.  When 
I first heard about SeeSat-L, the person said that it was a very 
serious group.  But, I am just a casual observer who has to deal 
with city lights so I'm limited to the brighter objects.  I have found
some interesting posts about some of the more spectacular objects;
re-entries, etc.  I saw the STS-78 re-enter in July.  Hope I didn't
offend anybody.  Each of us has our own cup of tea.

Jake in Burbank, California, USA