Re: Did Anyone See This Wonderful Unknown on 4 October?
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 19:59:02 -0400

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<< This is from a story found at 
 regarding a meteoroid that entered the atmosphere, skipped, and then went 
 around for one orbit, between approximately 2:00 and 4:00 UT on 4 October:


There were a couple of threads in sci.astro.amateur from people who
saw this.  Look for "OH BOY-WHAT A BOLLIDE!!!!! Meteor plus!!!!!"
and "Meteorite Sighting 10-3-96".  I think maybe there is another thread
or two but some of them I think were about another object.  I  haven't
looked, but there must be something in sci.astro too.  I was expecting
at first to see a lot of posts in SeeSat-L but I guess because it wasn't
artificial, nobody said anything.  It seems a little high-brow to me.  I 
find SeeSat-L too technical most of the time.  I keep intending to 
unsubscribe but don't for the 5% interesting posts.  Thanks for the tip.
I had been looking for something more on it since my local TV news 
did a short blurb on it.  They showed some video of it that I believe
had been taken from El Paso, Texas.

Jake in Burbank, Calif.