Ian Porter (sharian@pac.com.au)
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 21:27:19 +1000

Given the response from my last few posts I will apologise for my
over-enthusiasim on the forward mail button :-} 

Made my first sighting of Ofeq 3 (after months of missed opps) just below
Saturn at 19:24:55 local (09:24:55 UTC), good sun geometry but mag not above

I most certainly recomend Willie Koorts EXTRACT program for newbies like me.
Its easy to use and works fine under WIN95. Not having to cope with all
those DOS switches and Config files suits me fine (I can't even cope with

Ian & Shari Porter
Rye, Victoria, Australia
144.8070E 38.3745S 5m AMSL