Software for Extracting Elements

Willie Koorts (
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 14:05:41 +0200 (GMT+0200)

Hi Folks

Some time ago I needed some software to extract a subset of TLE's from a
bigger (fresh) TLE file to run predictions on.  I started looking around
for a program to do this, but could not find anything simple enough
without having to study a manual or having to give a whole string of
command line switches.  I then decided to "just quickly" (famous last
words) write something simple to do just that.  Like it goes with all
software, the "would'nt it be nice if" sindrome made it grow little by
little until it is allmost in a state where I can let other people have a
copy as well.  Recently when Ian Porter asked for something like this, I
passed a copy on to him which he tried out.  His comment was :

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Its just what Ive been looking for and it works very well. 
I like the simple interface and the documentation is fine.... 

Congatulations on a good job !



The startup screen looks as follows to give you an idea what it does :

  E X T R A C T               by  W.P. Koorts      
  This program extracts a subset of satellite elements from a bigger
  NORAD element file and will write all finds to another smaller file.
  The satellite data to search for is contained in an intermediate
  text file and can be any mix of NORAD numbers and satelite names.
  A special case; ALL.SAT will sift all valid TLEs from a text file.

  Default filenames and extensions are prompted in "< >" brackets and
  are selected by pressing Enter.  To change an extension for subsequent
  entries,  simply retype the full filename including the extension.
  On exit,  these can then be saved as defaults for future sessions.

NB: It is OK for the big NORAD input file to contain comment/text lines,etc. 
NB: NORAD numbers < 5 digits are OK.  Leading zeros are automatically added. 
NB: Satelite names are case sensitive but a subset of a name is OK.

If you folks think there might be a need for this program,  tell me where 
to post an UUDECODED copy of it (including the Pascal source).