More Satellite Web Pages
Wed, 09 Oct 1996 21:46:05 -0500 (EST)

     Here are seven more websites that have plenty of details on 
past and present spacecraft.  There are too many satellites 
to list one-by-one; these are just seven starting points
for searches.  If anyone can add to this list or the 
list I posted previously, please let me know.         
Index of USA and USSR spacecraft         
Index of International spacecraft 
ESA Project information  
ESA Earth Observation projects         
ESA Space projects - Future & Current         
ESA Space projects - Past 

     And in my travels, I found some space-related sites,
some familiar to SeeSat-L members, some not:         
Jonathan's Space Report         
More Space Links         
Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Working Group         
Planetary Missions         
Mike's Spacecraft Library         
LDEF Homepage         
New Space Network -- interesting links to small spacecraft industry
Index of ESA projects; mostly .gifs

    Of course, the following are not space-related, 
but I enjoyed them a great deal:         
List of Internet Accessible Machines 
(coffee makers, vending machines, and so on)     
list of Internet-accessible cameras worldwide pointed
at local landmarks, office interiors, street intersections, etc.

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