Bright naked eye flasher

Willie Koorts (
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 16:28:51 +0200 (GMT+0200)

Hi Folks

Last night at 18H12 UT, while showing my neighbour the "coathanger" 
asterism, we saw the brightest flasher I have even seen.  It was passing a
little further North from where we were looking (allmost due North) and
culmunated very high up (approx. 75 degrees) before heading allmost due
South.  The flashes must have been up to about 2nd or 3rd Mag. with a
periode of about 5 to 8 secs. (Sorry for being so vague, but I was really
too surprised to get anything other than the time accurately inbetween
explaining to everybody around me what we are looking at.)  What surprised
me was that it was allready quite bright while still low down in the
North.  I expected it to become even brighter past culmination, but after
staying very bright for the first part of it's orbit, it rather started
dimming after culmination. 

I tried my own identification of it using Skymap and the best candidate 
seems to be   NORAD 08027  Meteor 2-1 r

Is this known to be a bright flasher or was I just fortunate to have a 
good pass?    Was I perhaps seeing another satellite?

My location is : Lat.   33.6489 South
                 Lon.   19.0147 East
                 Date.  8 Oct. 1996  @  18H12 UT