C* 2221 discovered flashing!! OBS requested

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Mon, 7 Oct 1996 20:34:24 -0400

Based on a single observation, 
C* 2221      6.0  2.0  0.0  5.2 v 
1 22236U 92080  A 96270.12063574  .00000053  00000-0  79963-5 0  1030 
2 22236  82.5147 298.4724 0023914  46.1064 314.2117 14.73925241206500 
appears to have joined her sister Tselinas, C* 1933 and C* 1953 among 
others, as a bright flasher. 
About 961008 001210, I observed two very brief Fs of mag 1(?) separated by 
about 57 seconds, with most of the observed part of the pass ranging from 
mag 3(?) down to invisible (mag 6 or 7?). 
Though most likely poorly observed, early flashing behavior of Tselinas 
has seemed erratic and difficult to explain, at least to me.  I would 
be most interested in any observations you can provide, especially over 
the next 10 days or so. 
Walter Nissen                   dk058@cleveland.freenet.edu 
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