Mon, 7 Oct 1996 19:46:02 -0400 (EDT)

Israel Space Agency (ISA) 
Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)
MBT Systems&Space Technology 

Launch facility: 
Palmachim Air Force Base (31.52N 34.45E) south of Tel Aviv

Shavit 3-stage rocket, solid propellant, 18x1.35m, launch mass 22-23t
 derived from the 2-stage Jerico-2 missile

National launches:
Ofeq 1 880919 09.32GMT by Shavit into 248x1170km 142.86deg 98.79min
 retrograde orbit.
 Demonstration satellite 156kg 2.3x1.2x0.7m developed by IAI/MBT for ISA.
Ofeq 2 900503 12.02GMT by Shavit into 208x1584km 143.23deg 160kg
 similar to Ofeq1, improved systems.

Ofeq 3 950505 11.16GMT 2nd generation released into 247x732km 143.4deg
 raised itself to 369x730km. Goal is for abt 500km cirkular.
 225kg at launch

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