Early Superbird A Obs in Arizona

Jim Varney (jvarney@mail2.quiknet.com)
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 19:44:10 -0700

I have received this from Dean Ketelsen of the Tucson
Amateur Astron. Assn.:

>It sounds like the one I saw on 12 September from SE Arizona.
>Picked it up naked eye - thought it might be in a high orbit as it did
>not appear to move.  Picked it up in 10X70 binoculars and watched it
>for a few minutes while everyone in the group (4) saw it.  Set up a
>camera w/135mm lens to photograph it, but in those few minutes no
>longer saw it and a 20 minute tripod shot did not pick anything up.
>It was in eastern Ophiuchus or Serpens.  Don't
>recall the exact time, but it was early evening, 
>probably 8-9pm time frame.

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