Alphonse Pouplier (
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 22:06:43 +0100 (MET)

Robert Sheaffer said:

>"Superbird 1" (89041 A, NORAD # 20040), a Japanese communications
>satellite that is now drifting freely in the Geosynchronous Graveyard,
>where old geosynchronous satellites are sent to die when they run out of
>fuel. It has an orbital inclination of 4.73 degrees, and it is
>drifting westward at approximately 1.9 degrees per day. Thus it is
>not strictly geosynchronous, but nearly so. 

>Superbird 1 now over the mid-Pacific. Each day, it draws a little farther 
>from us, and by October 20 we will lose sight of it.

Could not that Superbird become also a "Superstar" for us, European,
end of next december ?

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