Re: 71 119 B (Aureole 1r) flashing (accelerated?)

Bjoern (")
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 10:12:32 +0200

My apologies for the incorrect ID in the title of my last posting,
and the unintentional attachment of the current SeeSat-D message.
(which may have been empty, because it was sent from Netscape 3)

>The drag (and Bstar) term has increased by a factor of 3 at times
>during the last 40 days.  It was about 0.0000600 before that.

Plotting the Mean Motion, (to be posted tonight as and
I can not detect any effect on MM.

The smooth long-period variation is probably caused by 
argument of perigee and perigee relation to the Sun.

It could have been a very small leak, gradually building
a rotation, starting about Apr.10, 1996.


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