No morning flashes

Rob Matson (
3 Oct 1996 14:35:09 -0800

                      Subject:                              Time:  13:36
  OFFICE MEMO         No morning flashes                    Date:  96/10/03

I didn't get home in time to observe the beginning time of Superbird A's
flashes on Wednesday night (10/2 local, 10/3 UTC), but I did catch the end: 
8:37pm (3:37 UTC).  It was already flashing by the time I found it at 8:31pm.

I wasn't very optimistic about cloud conditions when I went to bed last night,
but you never can tell in SoCal.  When I got up at 5:20am, to my surprise it
was pretty clear.  A half-moon hung directly overhead, so that was a bit of a
bother, but I was still able to locate my rather dim guide stars by 5:35am. 
Saw no flashes from 5:35am to 6:00am (12:35 to 13:00 UTC 10/3), so it's back
to the drawing board.  I'm convinced that flashes ought to occur twice a day
(what walks down must walk up!), but my timing appears to be off.  Perhaps the
timing would have been right at the equinox, but is off now because the sun is
already at declination -4 deg. --Rob