Cosmos 2333 R/B

Rob Matson (
1 Oct 1996 19:20:28 -0800

                      Subject:                              Time:  18:58
  OFFICE MEMO         Cosmos 2333 R/B                       Date:  96/10/01

Hi again,

Just ran SkyMap for 10/1 -- it's definitely Cosmos 2333 R/B (#24298). --Rob
Date: 96/10/01 18:54 
To: Matson, Rob

The unid flasher seen by me on Sept 30 UT was again seen Oct 1. At the
time, I was observing Lacrosse 2 #21147 when I noticed the unid just
behind it. Lacrosse 2 was almost following the identical track of the
unid the night before and passed through the sting of Scorpio at almost
the identical spot. About 10-15 degrees behind Lacrosse 2 was the
flasher travelling slightly slower and four degrees higher (east) of
Lacrosse 2. It appears the unid was about 4 deg's east of its first seen
track and about 10 minutes or so earlier.
The flash rate was still extremely fast but probably closer to 4 per
second at mag2.5  .
I haven't seen any mail (if any) on this object yet, but I will attempt
to gain a more accurate fix to-night. Its inclination may have been
slightly more east (5-10 deg) than Lacrosse 2.