Lucid time dilation

Rob Matson (
1 Oct 1996 17:47:50 -0800

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  OFFICE MEMO         Lucid time dilation                   Date:  96/10/01

Randy Parker wrote:

I'm wondering, since Shannon Lucid spent 6 months or
so traveling at 5 miles per second, how much did time
slow down for her as compared to her earthbound neighbors?

The answer:  not much!  If memory serves, the equation for the amount of time
she "gained" on her earth-bound neighbors would be:

188 days * (1 - SQRT(1 - v^2/c^2))

When v is very small compared to c, this equation reduces to:

188 days * v^2/ (2*c^2)

Assuming v is 8 km/sec and c is 30000 km/sec, the time gain would
only be about 0.58 seconds.  --Rob