23549, 95-18A, Ofeq 3

Brierley David UK (dbrierl@inet.ntf1.af.mil)
1 Oct 1996 14:54:53 -0700

Mike Murphy has commented on how interesting it was to observe the seriously
retrograde satellite 23549, 95-18A, Ofeq 3 crossing the sky from eclipse in
the east to invisibility in the west.  I've seen it during several apparitions
from Colorado Springs, and it's always reasonably bright and steady (standard
magnitude, full phase, +5.5).

The Israelis are constrained to launch over open water, which means the
Mediterranean, and the worst direction from the point of view of energy, i.e.
due west.  An earlier Ofeq was in orbit for a much shorter time.

David Brierley.