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Tue, 1 Oct 96 20:16 +0100

>From Leo Barhorst <>
>Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 17:42:50 +0200
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Pierre Neirinck has sent the following reply to me.

Rainer Kracht

29/9/96, 15h
Ref: My Sep 1713 and Leo Barhorst 28 Sep 1742

	60% of my TLE being black & white, Leo's scanning idea
is valid for the last 20 years. The earliest data are 2nd
Telex & teleprinter copies, except before 1965 when taken
down from phone. Besides, I have, for the 70's, NASA
pred. bulletins, in chronological order, headed by elements,
but only for 200 objects.

	Diversity of old elements is another problem. I faxed
Rainer samples of 5 old formats. My folder "Formats" buried
in middle corridor is the clue for them and others.
	*Complements*: Various Sat Situation Reports, old Obs. (among them some 
years of Malvern & 
Fylingdales, 10000 early US,
10 years of Meudon's), 1000 site co-ord. and, obviously,
an assortment of books and magazines. "Macro", in Dutch,
should go somewhere in B (Belgium) or NL (Netherlands).

	I read in "Flash" (Dec 95/p 231) that 1996 issues will be
voluminous. I find them very thin. I paid 2 years to Bart
at Eurosom 1 ... and was cut of without warning from Dec 95.

	Besides, the 10 lines of figures I wanted printed in
Flash were not, despite recalls. Is it because it shows
an accurate method? Am I treated as a pariah?
	At the last Optical Tracking Committee, it was estimated
that the problem could be solved. My red Renault 4 was
put under pressure to visit Ghent. She accepted under
condition she has not to carry my last 500 flash periods.
	After distribution of RAE tables of Earth sats 1957-1989
to schools and amateurs, I have 30 too many. Anybody
passing this way can have a 2.7 kg souvenir. I intend
to give some at Eurosom 2 to the ones deprived from that tool.

	The additional regional 2 digits in France will operate
from Oct 18 22 UT. Ex: 33 (France) 03 (N&NE) 28291103 (my Fax).

                                   Pierre Neirinck