unid flasher

vince gardiner (vgardi@coffs.net.au)
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 23:36:55 +1000

At 09:41 Sep 30 U.T. an object was seen travelling in a southerly
direction between the sting of scorpio and corona australis. This object
was seen to be flashing at a rate of at least 5 times per second. It was
too fast to be counted, (I tried). Its magnitude was about 2.5 at
maximum, and because of its rotational speed I could not determine its
minumum magnitude. A lot of storm cloud was in the area at the time, but
this particular spot was clear. I was more interested in trying to time
it rather than determine its direction or a star to pinpoint its
position more accurately. I later estimated its direction as ABOUT az
340 to 170.
It took my wife and I quite by surprise as there was nothing expected in
that area at that time. I have run a check of 7400+ satellites on
skymap, and the nearest satellite to its position between scorpio sting
and corona australis is 18689 76- 67 BR. I'm reasonably sure it was not
the one seen because of its track from 318 to abt 160, but its proximity
to the sting is very close to the one seen. The flash rate was quite
Any ideas please ?.
Vince Gardiner.
Coffs Harbour N.S.W. Australia
-30.35   +153.082