spacecraft photos
Mon, 30 Oct 95 05:17:00 UTC 0000

There are many illustrations of spacecraft that I may be able to put in
the archives here.  How many of you would want them?

Bart, Neil.  Would you want to permanently use disk space to store these
images or are they readily available elsewhere?

This is a sample of what may be available:

       JPG of NASA's GRO satellite
       JPG of NASA's COBE satellite
       JPG of NASA's WIND satellite
       JPG of NASA's POLAR satellite
       JPG of NASA's Scout booster
       JPG of NASA's Delta booster
       Color schematic of Russian RS-2000
       JPG of Russian RD-701 rocket motor
       Energomash RD-170 rocket engine
       Two Proton rockets in assembly bay
       USAF Academy's DOS orbit tutor
       USAF Academy's DOS orbit simulator
       Great JPG of Venera 9 surface image
       JPG of the Venera 7 lander
       JPG of Russian Venera 10 spacecraft
       JPG of Russian Mars 3 lander
       JPG of the Russian Lunokhod rover
       JPG of Russian Luna 24 return cap.


Walter, Mike, and others,

>SeeSat-L subscribers,
>the possibility of an observer confusing the
>identifications of two unrelated satellites.

I have been almost fooled myself a few times recently.  I think it is very
possible, but quite unlikely that an experienced observer would be confused.
To help avoid the possibility of mis-identifying and getting the wrong mag for
a sat, I observe at least 2 different passes.
To be fooled, a wrong sat would have to be within 1 degree of the predicted
position, going at exactly the right angle, with the right speed and
magnitude.  It would also have to be just a few seconds BEFORE the actual
Not much chance of that, but certainly not impossible.
The equipment used would make a difference too.
I am much more likely to see a wrong sat when looking for sync sats.  That's
why I don't delete sync sats that I have seen from my element lists of new
objects to look for.  There have been a few times while looking for one, I
also saw another.
Freehold, New Jersey