ERBS observation

Alphonse POUPLIER (
25 Oct 95 14:10:34 EDT

 On oct. 19 1995, I was in Puimichel (43d59m N 6d01m E)
 with a friend of the Euro-Space-Center.
 We tracked a lot of sats with my telescope.
 Amongst them was ERBS we tracked during several minutes.
 Suddently my friend  said: Another sat is slowly approching
 ERBS and I went to the eyepiece.
 That other sat approched and then moved away slowly.
 It was about 19h19 UT and ERBS was near
 alt. 20d and azim. 10d.
 I could identify it as being Cosmos 2082r.
 Afterwards, I made a graphic file on which one can see
 the starry sky of that instant and the two tracks crossing
 each other.
 That file is 5,055 bytes big UUencoded.
 Who wants it?

 Alphonse POUPLIER