Quicksat Bug?

Sun, 22 Oct 95 03:58:00 UTC

I wrote to Mike about this, but thought the rest of you should be aware of
this problem.
I just spent about 2 hours trying to figure this out.  I was using the PROMPT
feature of Quicksat to predict for 3 satellites with no trouble.  Then I tried
to predict for each of them separately.  The first worked ok, but the others
locked up my PC.  I thought the problem was in the whole element file (I use
several) or in the individual elset, so I tried several different
combinations.  Some individual elsets worked, some did not.  I had to reboot
after each lockup.  When using the problem elsets together with a good one,
there was no problem.  I couldn't figure why an elset would be bad by itself
but work with another one.
I finally found that the problem was with the Quicksat.Mag file.
If predicting for a single elset, that NCAT has to be in the QS.mag file,
otherwise the computer will lock up.  If predicting for multiple satellites,
at least one of them has to be in QS.mag.  The others don't have to be listed.
Aside from this frustrating problem, PROMPT is a great feature.  Thanks to
Mike for adding it.
Freehold, New Jersery