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10/11 Russian Space Forces, One Failure, One Successful 
   the Russian Military space forces has reported that the Cosmos-2321 
   satellite, launched on October 6, 1995, entered the wrong orbit after 
   separation from its booster. 
   After checking system on board the spacecraft, controllers confirm 
   that the spacecraft is in good health and operating. Preliminary 
   investigations have reported a malfunction in the second-stage of the 
   Cosmos-3M booster. 
   On a better note, the Russian military space forces launched a new 
   generation retransmitting satellite today from the Baikonur Cosmodrome 
   in Kazakhstan. 
   The Luch-1 satellite weighing 2.4 Tons blasted off on a heavy Proton-k 
   booster at 19:26 hours Moscow time (14:26 gmt) and was scheduled to 
   reach a geostationary orbit of 36,000 kilometers seven hours after 
   At present, two retransmitting Luch satellites are working in space. 
   The new generation Luch-1 will increase the capacity of the channels 
   nearly by three and its service lifetime is twice as long. 
                    1995 MISSION LAUNCH DATES 
DATE      TIME      MISSION             VEHICLE        AGENCY 
14 Oct    13:46     USML-2              Columbia       NASA 
15 Oct    00:38     ASTRA 1E            Ariane 42L     Arianespac 
15 Oct              COSMOS/GLONASS (3)  Proton         Russia 
17 Oct    08:15     UHF F6              Atlas          USN 
19 Oct    20:00     METEOR              Conestoga 1620 EER System 
25 Oct    14:22     RADARSAT            Delta II       NASASURFSAT 
01 Nov    16:25     Mir Docking #2      Atlantis       NASA 
02 Nov              REX-II              Pegasus XL     USAF 
03 Nov              Infrared Space Obse Ariane 4       Arianespac 
05 Nov    03:30     MILSTAR 1-2         Titan 4        USAF 
20 Nov    14:28     XTE                 Delta II       NASA 
23 Nov              SOHO                Atlas IIAS     NASA 
24 Nov              Progress M          Soyuz          Russia 
28 Nov              INSAT-2C            Ariane 4       Arianespac 
   Nov              N-STAR B                           NTT 
   Nov              ASIASAT 2           Long March 2E  China 
   Nov              ECHOSTAR 1          Long March 2E  China 
   Nov              MSTI-3              Pegasus        USAF 
   Nov              TOMS                Pegasus XL     NASA 
   Nov              INTELSAT 708        Long March 3B  China 
   Nov              INTERBALL-AURORA    Molnyia-M      Russia 
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